2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted

The Escape

Rollin' the alley ways escaping the police with a blue tint permeating the surroundings are 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted. In a white ferrari with windows rolled down so the blunt smoke doesn't make it impossible to see the road. They make the escape and hit highway to roll out to Chino. Upon arrival they are greeted by Snoop's pitbull Peach at the gate of the mansion. Once inside they prepare themselves for the banquet and bitches at hand. Tailored up in the finest linens money can buy, Snoop & 2Pac look good in their tuxedos like the true gangstaz they are. Marijuana smoke permeates the air while the hoes put the finishing touches on the two dons, tightning up Snoop's braids and applying lotion to Tupac's freshly shaven head. Time to head into the dinning room. More akin to a king's palace, the dining room is filled with fellow G'z and enough Cristal and women to go around, they take their seats in gold plated chairs with velvet cushions. The turkey is roasted to perfection and there are purple grapes galore to the delight of the patrons. Southern cooking packs the table to the brim, meat, fish, and plenty of grits and rice leaves a heavenly scent throught out the room. It's time to grub down.

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Rapping Post-Dinner

After they are satisfied they begin to clown around and 2Pac takes the mic whilst sitting at the table and yells to the DJ who is placed on small balcony at the back of the room, 'put that gangsta shit on!!'. The DJ first does a couple of mandatory scratches before letting the Daz Dillinger produced beat fly at full blast. Tupac loosens up his shirt neck and stands up to address the guests and begins the song. Picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture Bomb the hoochies with precision, my intention's to get richer With the S-N double-O-P, Dogg my fuckin' homie You'se a cold-ass nigga on them hogs everybody is vibing to the max and Tupac passes the mic to his main homie Snoop. Doned in the freshest red tuxedo (a sign of alliance to his boss Suge) and a black fedora hat. The imagery is legendary. Snoop's is smooth as ever thanks to the salty food as he begins his rap Sure 'nough, I keep my hand on my gun 'Cause they got me on the run Now I'm back in the courtroom, waitin' on the outcome "Free 2Pac" is all that's on a nigga's mind But at the same time, it seems they tryin' to take mine So I'ma get smart and get defensive and shit And put together a Million March for some gangsta shit

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Heading to Snoop's Private Airport

The entire room starts chanting over and over, Ain't nuthin' but a gangsta party, Ain't nuthin' but a gangsta party, Ain't nuthin' but a gangsta party! As the songs winds down it's time move the party to the club and spend some serious cash. They exit through the large archway as the doors are opened by their bodybuilding security guards who are fully geared up with walkie-talkie headsets. Not to mention the heat they are packing, which is serious fa' sho. Snoop & 2Pac lead the entourage to one of the three limosines, they all load in, and off they roll into the cool air with the skylights open. The stary sky out in the desert is an epic sight and the smell of shrubs in the Califonia desert is mixed with the smoke of sweet cigars mixed with that bomb chronic. Next stop, Snoop's private airstrip to go flying to Vegas.

Meeting Suge Knight

Once at the well lit mini airport, they fall out of the limos and load into the $40 million dollar private jet emblazoned with tha Doggfather and Death Row Records logos. Once inside the party continous and the Cristal bottles are flowing and the homies are getting it on with the hoes. The short trip ends and they land at a small private airstrip just outside of the Las Vegas strip. Waiting for them at strip is Suge Knight who is posted up in front of one the limos. A big cigar in his mouth as he grins, saying 'Welcome to Vegas fellas, and ladies'. Off to the Bellagio Resort and Casino. Upon arrival the crowd googles at the huge entourage and shout out to the two megastars, 'I love you Tupac', and 'We love you Snoop!'. Not any screams for Suge though, for obvious reasons haha.

Tupac's Lucky Charm

Long story short. Tupac pulls in about $100,000 at the blackjack table and Snoop lost a couple grand LOL. To cap off the night they head to pool and party before the hoes start pulling up to the luxury suites at the top floor of the Bellagio where it all goes down. After that the next day it's rinse and repeat. The life of 2 of Amerikaz Wanted, Ain't Nuthin' But Gangsta Party.

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